Seminars in 2020

Lecture and Seminars in Physics discipline:



Tip-induced superconductivity 

 Goutam Sheet, IISER Mohali

13 July 2020

Holography and the black hole information paradox

Pushkal Shrivastava, ICTS Bangalore

2 June 2020

Topological Phase Transitions Induced by Varying Topology and Boundaries in the Toric Code

Amit Jamadagni, Leibniz University of Hannover

27 Apr 2020

The Role of Causality in Quantum Gravity

Prof. Sumati Surya, RRI, Bangalore

25 Feb 2020

Anomalous transport through the algebraically localized states in 1D

Madhumita Saha, ISI Kolkata

24 Feb 2020

Probing physics across the energy frontier

Dr. Abhishek Iyer, IPN, Lyon France

4 Feb 2020

Compact binary Coalescences: Constraints on waveforms

Mr. Neev Khera, Penn State University

16 Jan 2020

Black Hole Second Law from large D membranes

Dr. Arunabha Saha, University of Geneva

14 Jan 2020

Generating steady-state coherence a solid-state qubit using quantum noise from phonons 

Dr. Archak Purkayastha, Trinity College, Dublin

9 Jan 2020


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