M.Sc. Program

The physics M.Sc program at IITGN is rather unique and has several distinguishing features compared to other standard M.Sc programs in the country. The program centers around a modern curriculum which incorporates a significant research component along with developing the foundations of theoretical, computational, and Experimental Physics. In order to promote interdisciplinary courses and research, we have a flexible credit structure.

The focus of the 2-year M.Sc. program is to develop a deep understanding of core areas of Theoretical and Experimental physics, as well as to take advantage of the flexibility of our modern curriculum to introduce a wide range of advanced topics to the students. The flexibility allows students to choose advanced electives and chalk out a path towards a specialization of their choice. We recognize that the aspirations of students are varied, and thus after the second semester, the student (if they passes a certain minimum CGPA) has the choice of pursuing a "Research Track" or a "Regular Track" in the final two semesters. The former incorporates more research credits with carefully chosen electives that speak to the students' interest, while the latter bolsters the students' basics by introducing more coursework in lieu of enhanced research.

Early Admit Program: Final year undergraduate students are also eligible to apply to our M.Sc program provided they satisfy certain eligibility criteria -- for more information regarding this route of entry to the program, please check