Ph.D. Program

The physics discipline offers a vibrant Ph.D. program in all areas of faculty expertise including classical gravity, black hole thermodynamics, modified gravity and quantum cosmology, gravitational wave astronomy, particle physics, LHC phenomenology, Higgs physics, Strong interactions, Condensed Matter Physics, Softmatter, Statistical and Bio-Physics, and Quantum Optics and Information. The physics discipline offers the student a friendly atmosphere to do research without sacrificing rigor. Often, this takes shape in the form of informal student-faculty exchanges over journal club talks, lunch seminars, and the like. IIT-Gn does not encourage artificial walls between students, faculty, and postdocs and the thrust is toward collective learning. Students are given academic independence, and typically find the environment conducive to developing a wholesome personality.

Further, IITGN encourages inter-disciplinary exchanges. A student at our institute, in addition to gaining expertise in his field, is also typically encouraged to interact with members from other disciplines. To facilitate this, the institute has designed a course plan that includes the choice of electives from other disciplines. In addition to standard coursework, Ph.D. scholars are also encouraged to take four independent projects with faculty members to get a taste of the research atmosphere. One of these should be outside the physics discipline. In addition, the student can also take this course with faculty elsewhere and import the credit.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact current Ph.D. students to know more about the workings of the institute and the physics discipline.

Other Modes of Admission:

Apart from regular hiring cycles of IITGN, there are other ways to apply to the Ph.D. program such as Start-Early Ph.D. also by contacting potential faculty advisors directly.