Basic Electronic Circuits & Arduino Workshop (2024)


May 04, 2024 | Physics @IIT Gandhinagar

Welcome to our One-Day Arduino Workshop, where we invite students to dive into the exciting world of electronics and programming. Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience tinkering with circuits, this workshop is designed to be an engaging and educational experience for all. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn C-language programming and its application in an Arduino interactive environment. Participants will leave with valuable skills and insights that they can apply to their academic or professional pursuits in Arduino programming and a basic understanding of electronic circuits

This workshop is perfect for students who are new to Arduino and electronic circuits, as well as those looking to deepen their knowledge and skills in these areas. Whether you're a high school student curious about electronics or a college student interested in building your own projects, you'll find something to inspire you in our workshop..

Organizers & Speakers


Dr.Naveen Sisodia

Assistant Professor, Physics

Faculty Coordinator

 Mr.Raju Beerasent

Physics Lab, IITGN


Ms.Esha Agarwal

Physics Lab, IITGN




Workshop looks forward to the participation of students (category A, Fee:  INR 590) and researchers from Industry and Academia (category B, Fee INR 590).
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