Seminars in 2019

Lectures and Talks in Physics Discipline:

New lessons for QFTs from CFTs
Prof. Aninda Sinha, IISc. Bangalore
8 Nov 2019
Why should physicists think about biology?
Prof. Gautam Menon, Ashoka University, Sonepat
6 Sep 2019
Reconstructing the scalars in type-X two Higgs doublet model
Dr. Tanmoy Mondal, Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)
01 Aug 2019
Basic aspects of topological quantum matter
Dr. Girish Sharma
03 July 2019
Chirality and topology in condensed matter – now with a magical twist
Dr. Girish Sharma
01 July 2019
Quantum phases of tilted dipolar bosons in two-dimensional optical lattice
Soumik Bandyopadhyay, PRL, Ahmedabad
28 June 2019
Effective dynamics of a quartic oscillator
Dr. Bidisha Chakraborty, ICTS, Bangalore
27 June 2019
Tossing Coins Inside Living Cells
Prof. Roop Mallik, TIFR, Mumbai
20 June 2019
Properties of the Quark-Gluon-Plasma from collective flow
Prof.  Subrata Pal, TIFR, Mumbai
12 Apr 2019
Work, Heat and Entropies in the Quantum Regime
Sai Vinjanampathy, IITB
26 Mar 2019
Quantum Synchronisation in Nanoscale Heat Engines
Prof. Sai Vinjanampathy, IITB
25 Mar 2019
Emergent Phenomena in Complex Systems: A Statistical Mechanical Approach
Dr. Joyjit Kundu
12 Mar 2019
Being part of a golden age of Astronomy
Samir Dhurde, IUCAA, Pune
8 Mar 2019
Did the universe bang or bounce?
Prof. L Sriramkumar, IITM
01 Feb 2019
High temperature superconducting materials: Current status and future potential
Dr. Devendra K. Namburi, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
18 Jan 2019
Exploring Holography via Tensor Network
Dr. Arpan Bhattacharyya
16 Jan 2019
A new insight into the origin of repeating FRB
Dr Vishal Gajjar, University of California, Berkeley, USA
08 Jan 2019

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