Colloquium(Online): Conformal invariance in physics by Prof. Sunil Mukhi, IISER Pune

We will have a colloquium (online) by Prof. Sunil Mukhi from the IISER Pune on 28th May, 4:00 - 5:15 PM.
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Short Bio: 

He is one of the leading theoretical physicists and string theorists of our country. He has made several fundamental contributions to this subject.  He is the recipient of several prestigious honors: SS Bhatnagar Prize and JC Bose Fellowship. He is a fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, the Indian Academy of Sciences, and The World Academy of Sciences.  He is currently the Dean, Faculty,  of IISER Pune. 

The physics department invites all of you to attend the colloquium on 28th May from 4 Pm - 5.15 PM

Title: Conformal invariance in physics

I will present a fairly broad survey of conformal symmetry in two dimensions and outline its application to various physical problems ranging from statistical systems to quantum Hall physics to topological quantum computing to 3d gravity. Thereafter I will survey some approaches to the classification of conformal-invariant field theories and recent results in this area.

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