Black Hole Second Law from large D membranes

Dr. Arunabha Saha from the University of Geneva will be visiting us from 13th to 15th Jan 2020. He will be delivering a seminar on 14th January.
The details are:

Time and Venue: 2:30 PM- 3:30 PM, Block 6/203

Title: Black Hole Second Law from large $D$ membranes 

Abstract: I will discuss the duality between black hole dynamics and co-dimension one membranes in the limit of spacetime dimensionality tending to infinity. I will then use this duality to find an entropy current on the membrane world volume which captures the second law for the dual black hole in the Einstein -Gauss-Bonnet gravity. I will work up to the second subleading order in 1/D where the non-trivial entropy production starts. This analysis will be up to linear order in the Gauss-Bonnet parameter. I will also present some initial results for a non-perturbative analysis in the GB parameter up to leading order in 1/D. 

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