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Title: Holography and the black hole information paradox.

2nd June, 4 - 5 PM.

Speaker: Pushkal Shrivastava

Abstract: Semiclassical gravity leads to apparent inconsistencies and paradoxes, such as the black hole information paradox. Resolution to such paradoxes could potentially offer deep insights into the working of a complete theory of quantum gravity. We will begin our discussions with an overview of the information paradox and some proposed resolutions. We will then shift our attention to the low energy properties of quantum gravity. Subject to some reasonable assumptions on the low energy structure of the theory, we will show that quantum gravity stores information holographically. In particular, we would argue that at any given time, all information about a quantum state can be obtained from observations at spatial infinity. We will analyze how the usual notion of locality emerges if we switch off either gravity or quantum mechanics. Finally, we will discuss how holography resolves many of the paradoxes associated with black holes. If time permits, we will contrast our results to other recent developments on the information paradox.

Reference: https://arxiv.org/abs/2002.02448

About the Speaker: Pushkal Shrivastava is currently a graduate student at ICTS Bangalore. He did his masters from IISER Mohali. His research interests are Holography, Blackhole physics, and string theory.


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