Research Area

The Physics discipline at IIT Gandhinagar is home to exciting research in diverse areas of Physics such as Gravitational Wave Astronomy, Quantum Gravity, Networks of Complex systems, Crystallography, Quantum optics, high energy nuclear physics and Macro-molecular structure. Faculty members in this discipline are actively involved in research collaborations with peer groups across the world – including IndIGO consortium, LIGO Scientific Collaboration, University of Benha, University of Bergamo, Montana State University, IUCAA, International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, etc. There is a strong focus on interdisciplinary research as well and several collaborations involving national and international institutes have developed that are being led by faculty in the discipline. Research topics such as: developing algorithms for detection of astrophysical gravitational waves, studying modified gravity models and their implications in Cosmology, developing mathematical models to understand the spread of infectious diseases. dynamics of opinion formations, Theoretical quantum optics, random matrix theory of quantum chaos, Quantum Information Processing, studying molecular mechanisms in living cells, etc. are pursued by faculty in this discipline and funded by external funding agencies like SERB as well as internally by IIT Gandhinagar. Research done in the discipline has been highlighted by several international news media.

The institute has 24-hour online access to many Physics education and research journals, and more are added from time to time. Our library has an excellent collection of many modern and classic text/reference books. Large centralized experimental facilities like XRD, TEM, SEM etc. have already been set up in the institute. A high-performance computational facility is also being developed, which includes multi-core as well as GPGPU computing facilities. The M.Sc. program will focus on training students at these computational and experimental facilities.

The institute has a memorandum of understanding with Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) which has a very strong research program and expertise in many areas of Physics and Astronomy. Students enrolled at IITGN will have a unique opportunity to interact directly with faculty members at PRL and take advantage of their world-class laboratory facilities. We also envisage PRL faculty teaching core and specialized topics at IIT Gandhinagar. The institute also hosts a number of visiting scholars from world-renowned Universities. Students will benefit from close academic interactions with such scholars.


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