Ph.D Program

Ph.D. Program

The physics discipline offers a vibrant Ph.D. program in all areas of faculty expertise including classical gravity, black hole thermodynamics, modified gravity and quantum cosmology, gravitational wave astronomy, networks and complex systems, information theory, particle physics, LHC phenomenology, Higgs physics, and Strong interactions. The physics discipline offers the student a friendly atmosphere to do research without sacrificing rigor. Often, this takes shape in the form of informal student-faculty exchanges over journal club talks, lunch seminars, and the like. IIT-Gn does not encourage artificial walls between students, faculty, and postdocs and the thrust is toward collective learning. Students are given academic independence, and typically find the environment conducive to developing a wholesome personality.

Further, IIT-Gn encourages inter-disciplinary exchanges. A student at our institute, in addition to gaining expertise in his field, is also typically encouraged to interact with members from other disciplines. To facilitate this, the institute has designed a course plan that includes the choice of electives from other disciplines.


In addition to the standard fellowship packages for the Ph.D. students, IIT-Gn offers other attractive benefits:

  • Full-time Ph.D. students are encouraged to present their research work at international conferences. Financial support of up to Rs. 2.00 Lakhs for the entire duration of the programme is available. Additional funding may also be provided.
  • A support of up to US$ 12,500 may be considered in deserving cases to do research work at the best Universities/Labs abroad for a period of 4 to 6 months.
  • Candidates who have obtained at least one of their previous degrees from a premier institution like IIT, IISc etc. can be considered for an additional fellowship of Rs. 10,000/- per month.
  • Over and above the monthly assistantship, an additional fellowship of Rs. 5,000/- per month is provided to the candidates ranking within the top 5% in any relevant National level qualifying examination. A candidate can receive only one of the mentioned two additional fellowships. Payment of assistantship is subjected to a candidate complying with the prescribed norms and work output.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact current Ph.D. students to know more about the workings of the institute and the physics discipline. Please contact Chakresh Kumar Singh ( in this regard. To know more about the research of individual faculty, please visit their webpages here.

Application Procedure

The physics discipline offers a vibrant Ph.D. program in all areas of faculty expertise. We currently offer Ph. D’s in all areas of faculty expertise. There are two intakes cycles in a year, and the important dates for each cycle are given here. All applications are to be done online, and prospective candidates are encouraged to go here to apply. You need to furnish hardcopy of the application form with photograph and all the documentary evidence in original (testimonials, certificates, publications, work experience and research/professional experience) at the time of interview.

Eligibility Criteria

M.Sc (Physics, Appl. Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Comp. Science) or B.Tech. in Engg. Phys. with 60% marks (55% for SC/ST) or a CPI/CGPA of 6.0 (5.5 for SC/ST) out of 10. Must be CSIR-NET or GATE or JEST qualified. OR Highly motivated B.Tech. students from other engineering disciplines with 60% marks (55% for SC/ST) or a CPI/CGPA of 6.0 (5.5 for SC/ST) out of 10 may also apply. Such applicants must have a valid GATE score in Physics or their own discipline.

Program Details

We have specifically designed a set of advanced courses suitable for Physics Ph.D. students and formulated a semester wise plan to guide the students to complete their required coursework. In addition to standard coursework, Ph.D. scholars are also encouraged to take four independent projects with faculty members to get a taste of the research atmosphere. One of these should be outside the physics discipline. In addition, the student can also take this course with faculty elsewhere and import the credit. Prospective candidates are encouraged to look through our full list of coursework here.

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