Baradhwaj Coleppa


Designation : Assistant Professor

Research Area : Theoretical Particle Physics

Research interests: Beyond the Standard Model Physics, with emphasis on Model building and phenomenology, Dark Matter Studies.

Phone : xx: 2478

Email :

Room No : 6/315 A

Selected publications :

  • “Seeking Heavy Higgs Bosons through Cascade Decays”, with Shiba Sahoo, P. Poulose, and Bejamin Fuks. arXiv:1712.06593
  • “Measuring CP nature of top-Higgs couplings at the future Large Hadron electron collider”, with S. Kumar, M. Kumar, and B. Mellado. arXiv:1702.03426, Phys.Lett. B770 (2017) 335-341.
  • “Charged Higgs search via $AW^\pm/HW^\pm$ channel”, with S. Su and F. Kling. arXiv:1408.4119. JHEP 1412 (2014) 148.

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