Past Events

1. Seminar Series on Indian scientists: 1st edition on October 5, 2019

The first edition of the seminar series on Indian scientists was held on October 5, 2019, at IIT Gandhinagar.

In the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, there was a great renaissance of modern scientific thinking in India. The father figures of modern Indian Science from this era contributed significantly to contemporary scientific advances. At the same time, they motivated and led the national movement to create scientific institutions in India. This Seminar Series on Indian Scientists aims to honour the contributions of these often half-forgotten pioneers.

Each seminar in the series was of one day, with a mix of speakers from outside and within IITGn. In this first edition, on Saturday 5th October, we had four lectures on the lives and works of Satyendranath Bose, Meghnad Saha, G.N. Ramachandran, and Prafulla Chandra Roy. 
Students & Faculty members from all institutions were invited. 

2. Quantum Thermal Machines Workshop 2019 

About the workshop‚Äč
           The Workshop on "Quantum Thermal Machines" was held at the IIT,  Gandhinagar on September 21-22, 2019. This small workshop was the first step towards bringing together Indian researchers with interests in theory and experiments related to quantum thermodynamics, which include topics such as thermal machines, work and entropy fluctuations theorems and energy storage devices. 
           Bijay agarwalla, IISER Pune; Victor Mukherjee, IISER Berhampur; Arnab Ghosh, IIT Kanpur; Umakant Rapol, IISER Pune; Saiket Ghosh, IIT Kanpur; R Vijay TIFR Mumbai;
          Sibasish Ghosh, IMSc Chennai; B. Prasanna Venkatesh, IIT Gandhinagar; Ramandeep Johal, IISER Mohali; Sai Vinjanampathy, IIT Bombay; T S Mahesh, IISER Pune

2. Physics Colloquium by Prof. Sourendu Gupta 

Professor Sourendu Gupta from Department of Theoretical Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)-Mumbai  visited us from December 10-11, 2018. He delivered a Physics colloquium on 10th Dec 2018 (Around 3:00 Pm).
About the speaker/visitor: 
Prof. Sourendu Gupta is theoretical high energy Physicist  and leading expert in Lattice Gauge Theory/Lattice QCD and effective field theory methods for studying the properties of hot QCD matter. He is currently a senior professor and chairman of Department of theoretical Physics, TIFR Mumabai. Among other recognitions, he is a fellow of the Indian National Academy of Sciences and of the Indian academy of sciences and recipient of the J. C. Bose Fellowship from DST.  More details about his work and initiatives at TIFR could be reached from:

3. Frontier Problems in Physics : A Symposium @ IIT Gandhinagar

The physics discipline of IIT Gandhinagar hosted a two-day symposium "Frontier Problems in Physics" on November 20 - 21st, 2018. In this symposium, distinguished scientists gave lectures on outstanding research areas in theoretical and experimental physics. The symposium aimed to present the state of the art in physics research to beginning researchers and students.

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