2016 Talks

Lectures and Talks in Physics Discipline:

Title Date
First and Second Laws of Gravity
Prof. Maulik Parikh, Arizona University
22 th November,2016
Prof. Arnab Kumar Roy, Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology
11 th November,2016
Exploring Elementary Particles at the LHC
Prof. Kerstin Borras, DESY Hamburg and RWTH Aachen University
10 th November,2016
String Theory and Gauge Gravity Correspondence
Prof. Shiraz Minwalla, TIFR Mumbai
19 th October,2016
Nature inspired computational architectures
Dr. Saurabh Bose, faculty candidate in physics
20 th september,2016
Electrical conductivity and Charge Diffusion in hot QCD Medium
Dr. Sukanya Mitra, Postdoctoral Fellow
16 th september,2016
Application of singular value decomposition to gravitational wave searches from compact binary coalescences
Amit Reza, PhD student
9 th september,2016
Efficient template placement for gravitational wave searches from in spiralling spinning binaries
Soumen Roy, PhD student
7 th september,2016
Study of Evolution of Indian Physics Co-authorship Network
Chakresh Kr. Singh, PhD student
7 th september,2016
Cosmological Inflation and Primordial Magnetic Fields
Rajeev Kumar Jain, Centre for Cosmology and Particle Physics Phenomenology,
University of Southern Denmark
31 st August,2016
Understanding Complex Networks
Chakresh Kr. Singh, PhD student
24th August,2016
Inventing earth’s surface by physical theory
Prof. Rishi Singh (Earth Sciences discipline)
12th August,2016
Hamiltonian Formulation of Gravity
Fairoos C., PhD student
3 rd August.,2016
Lecture Series on The Black hole Information Paradox
Prof.Samir D.Mathur (Ohio State University, USA)
27th July.,2016
Lecture of Random Walk and Brownian motion
Prof. Anupam Kundu
27th April.,2016
Nature Inspired Computational Architectures
Dr. Saurabh Bose
15th April.,2016
Special Colloquium: Black Holes and Gravitational Waves
Prof. CV Vishveshwara
17th March.,2016
Colloquium on the discovery of gravitational wave
Dr. Sudipta Sarkar $ Dr.Anand Sengupta
17th Feb.,2016
Understanding Cell Signaling: Model, Mechanism & Inference
Dr. Sayak Mukherjee
29th Jan.,2016
Quantum information processing with superconducting quantum circuits
Dr.Archana Kamal (MIT)
22nd Jan.,2016
Early Universe Cosmology
Dr.Nishant Agarwal (PSU)
22nd Jan.,2016
Neutrinos: mysterious messengers from outer space
Prof. Pervez Hoodbhoy
14th Jan.,2016
Synthetic Observatory for Astrophysical Jets: Dynamics, Chemistry, and Particle Acceleration
Dr. Bhargav Vaidya
12th Jan.,2016
How black holes teach us about the quantum nature of space-time
Prof. Sameer Murthy
6th Jan.,2016
Superconducting junctions as detectors of Dirac fermions and Majorana modes
Dr.Moitri Maiti
5th Jan.,2016
Fate of Einstein’s Legacy and Black Hole Collisions
Mr.Karan Jani
4th Jan.,2016